The Street cat named Bob. As a man and his cat found their hope at the road.


"It may be so, if we have no hope of someone in our world, but a miracle occurs and someone comes from the wide expanse. And it remains us only to belive in the realness of impossible. "(Din Kunts)

James Bowen have never planned to write a book. But he didn’t planned to be a drug addict. But the fate was such. James could not fight alone. When he had come from Australia to London, he lived with his sister. But she had her own family and James should go on the road. He lived three years on the street. But when he started to fight with his drug dependence, he got a municipal flat in the north of London. But the drugs did not want to say goodbye. James played a guitar on the street to earn for his life. And that was a poor and heavy existence.

But once a cat has appeared in his life. It was a simple red cat: four paws and a tail, green eyes. He was sick as James had found him. James spent all his money to treat the cat. But the cat was grateful and gave its owner all: friendship, family, and life without drugs. James called the cat Bob.

It's hard to believe, but when James had met this cat, his things went better: he let drugs and found a job. But when James played a guitar on the road, Bob was always with him. They were inseparable. You can see them now in the District Kowent Garden. But James says that he is not an owner. He calls Bob as his friend or a colleague. They talk as the same. And all can see it.

Bob likes people. One tourist gave him a scarf. And if the weather is bad, the cat always has a warm gift. He can "give a five" also. It's always funny to watch it.

But something later these both received a luck. The literature agent Mary Panchos saw the couple. They adjourned James to write a book and in six months the world has known a wonderful story about the real friendship. The book was the number one bestseller. It has been translated into 20 languages. After that the continued book "The world by the eyes of the cat Bob" was written. The cat and the man had experienced so much in their life. But they’ve found the support in each other. And they’ve found it in the last moment. Whether it's no wonder?